Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday night.

I've always wondered, what do people do Sunday nights? Do you just chill out or go out? I find my Sunday nights consist of catching up on stuff I didn't get done Friday and Saturday hehe. Anyway, enough about randomness, I had a very hectic week and celebrated its end by having a great weekend: I went out to see Due Date (MUST SEEEEE it's sooo funny!!!) with a couple of friends. Later that night we went out to a birthday party which was super fun. Saturday consisted of good food and good company, very chill and lovely :)

As for shopping, I've been very good this month! Friday night I went to target and ended up getting only 4 things:
THE Revlon mint color polish that I've been wanting for a while (similar to one of the Essie polishes ;)
A vanilla candle! Finally!
A super cute silver necklace, which I for see being part of my every day jewlery which currently consists of a gold bracelet with purple stones and a little crab ring.
Oh any finally nail polish remover! I've stopped doing my nails because I didn't want to run out...but I'm back to my doing my nails 3x a week hehe.
This morning I was shopping around for some "going out" jeans, I usually look for dark washed skinny jeans. I settled for some AE jeans...purely because they are having a free shipping promotion and I'm a sucker for free shipping! I was looking around for a nice quality jacket/coat and some TOMS shoes but I could not make up my mind. Those two things have been on my shopping list for a while.

Next week is Thanksgiving break and I am more than excited! It has become a tradition in my family that I HAVE to cook the turkey and mashed potatoes every year (not too bad for a rookie huh? lol). I look forward to that feeling of family company and amazing food! I might get back in the game and return to Black Friday since I swore I would never go again after a bad experience 3 years ago. I'm rethinking that decision...maybe I will find a good deal?

Oh I almost forgot, here is a picture from my friends wedding last weekend. I had an absolutely marvelous time! Great music, great food, and so much happiness. It was just how I pictured it.

Good night lovelies, I'll be back soon enough!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Life as you know it.

Alright guys, this is getting a little out of control. Why oh why is it that I sit here on a Thursday night listening to No Doubt's "Underneath it all" while eating hot puffs and IMing while I have 5 days worth of lecture notes that need some attention? I'm tired, that's why. My life this week consisted of nothing but psychological studies involving cognitive development. Lame, I know. On the bright side, I am going home this weekend for a childhood friend's wedding! I have known her since middle school so it's pretty legit.

Anyway I had a very long blog post planned this time around but it seems to be that I cannot focus enough to gather up enough sentences to complete a paragraph so I think I will continue later.
I hope everyones weekend is spectacular! I plan to upload pics from the wedding! Let's see how long that takes me hehe

Tschüss xoxo