Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hello Spring, we've missed you.

It is again that time of the year.
A lot has happened since the last time I was here, hadn't had much time to blog :(
I hope to be back this spring break with inspirations.
It will be like a breath of fresh air, something new, simple.
That's the beauty of starting over.
Especially when it's nice and sunny....

<3 x

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I'm ready to go home for a weekend. Enough of this whole college rush, it's waring me out lol.
I love change, I embrace it. But...
One thing is certain, things get

love love love live.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Number one!

Of 2011! yay
I am back in school, ugh I know, in the library as we speak with a huge gap between my classes not knowing what to do, so much so that I am writing write on sentences. I don't know what to do, I do not have any of my books yet so I cannot study, and I just had lunch with an old friend so I cannot eat lol. Plain and simple, I have nothing to do. So I decided I would write.

Let's start with the first thing that pops to my mind: iffy friendships. By iffy I mean those couple of friends you have had for a while that you begin to questioning their integrity. I always wonder if it's possible to keep negative people in our lives just because they have become accustomed to being those old pair of jeans you just don't want to throw away. They are always there. You don't need them, but you occasionally try them on again. Lately that's how I've been feeling. I might just be over thinking certain people that I find bad characteristics when they are fine, or that simple thought has some actual concrete truth to it? Is the mere fact that I'm questioning a bad sign?

Next, am I the only person the doesn't own Ugg boots?! I want some. It has been freezing where I live and I have actually considered getting some. Mmmmm we'll see. I'm thinking of trying some on this weekend, just to see how they feel/look ;)

Thought three: do you ever have like certain times when you like certain types of music? The last couple of months, for example, I was really into spanish pop. Currently, I don't know what I like. I just don't find interest in anything. Everything bores me, how sad lol.

Sad sad thought number four: I STILL don't own UD's Naked Palette! I have looked everywhere and nothing. It's so depressing when you want something so bad and you just can't get it. Especially when it's something so small.

Just my random ramble about nothing and everything. I hope this year is wonderful for everyone! I can't wait until next fall. Can you can vegas baby, vegas...


Friday, December 31, 2010

Straight to the point.

Happy New Year!
I wish nothing but the best for everyone.
I will be at home in my PJs eating and spending time with my family, very glam ;)
Like always, a new year, a new start...lets make it a great one.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


It it almost 2011, can you believe it?! I finally got a chance, and energy, to update my life after a very stressful 2 weeks. It has been raining all day, everyday, for like a week in my hometown! I am mostly stuck at home watching movies in my pjs and eating chocolates and candy lol. Besides that, my break has consisted if pure relaxation with a couple of shopping/going out with friends. We had our yearly christmas/secret santa dinner last night and it was a blast! I will have pictures later :]

Anyway, I have been very much obsessed with finding winter boots and jackets lately. I find myself going into every store I love and looking for those two things and walking about with everything BUT I'm too picky. Amongst those random things are nail polish! I am a nail polish junky and I am always on the lookout for inexpensive brands that live up to its claims. I have just stumbled on an amazing find: Forever21 polish! I always walk by them when I shop there and I finally decided to try them out and I love love love them. I have been wearing a pink one for the past three days and not one of my nails have chipped! Not to mention you only need 2 coats and they cost less than $3! I'm in love.

Another obsession is Charlotte Russe and WetSeal...they always have awesome deals on cute dressy tops, especially online. I don't like investing on "going out" tops too much because I don't like to re-wear them too often (bc of pictures and stuff lol). I don't get rid of them! but I go a while until I wear the same shirt I weird?

This is just a random ramble post about..nothing. I hope you guys have an amazing Christmas and New Years just in case I don't get around to writing again.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Beautifully Plain.

Happy December! We have finally stumbled on the best, and most stressful, month of the year! I say best because it literally brings out the best in everyone, there is so much love and happiness everywhere. Stress on: our wallets, figure and mind. Yup, it is finals week once again. So remind me again why I have a MIDTERM tomorrow?!!!! Not to mention I had a BIS lab practical today, I'm drained.

Anyway, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I took 6 days off yeee. I spent those days watching movies (I LOVE Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist, who's with me?!) and eating every type of comfort food you can think of. It was love, pure love. I did ,however, pay for all that love because of how unprepared I was for my exams :(

Okay I really need to get back to studying for my exam tomorrow so I will leave you lovlies with something that made my day today. Behold of the brown box that made me feel tinggly inside haahahahah:

I scored more deals online shopping than Black Friday Shopping!

My first shoe splurge, I am not a shoe person. I am happy wearing sandals and flats all year long. But chic simplicity like this can't be passed. New party shoes yay! I brought a couple of other things, but this was what I received first :)

I will probably be deprived of everything these next two weeks due to finals, but as soon as I get a break I will be back!

PS. Sorry for my disorganized writing today, it's the 3 hours I got of sleep last night talking :0

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday night.

I've always wondered, what do people do Sunday nights? Do you just chill out or go out? I find my Sunday nights consist of catching up on stuff I didn't get done Friday and Saturday hehe. Anyway, enough about randomness, I had a very hectic week and celebrated its end by having a great weekend: I went out to see Due Date (MUST SEEEEE it's sooo funny!!!) with a couple of friends. Later that night we went out to a birthday party which was super fun. Saturday consisted of good food and good company, very chill and lovely :)

As for shopping, I've been very good this month! Friday night I went to target and ended up getting only 4 things:
THE Revlon mint color polish that I've been wanting for a while (similar to one of the Essie polishes ;)
A vanilla candle! Finally!
A super cute silver necklace, which I for see being part of my every day jewlery which currently consists of a gold bracelet with purple stones and a little crab ring.
Oh any finally nail polish remover! I've stopped doing my nails because I didn't want to run out...but I'm back to my doing my nails 3x a week hehe.
This morning I was shopping around for some "going out" jeans, I usually look for dark washed skinny jeans. I settled for some AE jeans...purely because they are having a free shipping promotion and I'm a sucker for free shipping! I was looking around for a nice quality jacket/coat and some TOMS shoes but I could not make up my mind. Those two things have been on my shopping list for a while.

Next week is Thanksgiving break and I am more than excited! It has become a tradition in my family that I HAVE to cook the turkey and mashed potatoes every year (not too bad for a rookie huh? lol). I look forward to that feeling of family company and amazing food! I might get back in the game and return to Black Friday since I swore I would never go again after a bad experience 3 years ago. I'm rethinking that decision...maybe I will find a good deal?

Oh I almost forgot, here is a picture from my friends wedding last weekend. I had an absolutely marvelous time! Great music, great food, and so much happiness. It was just how I pictured it.

Good night lovelies, I'll be back soon enough!