Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Red & white.

Red(ish) lip
No powder/foundation
Lots of mascara

simple for a simple night. messy bun? my new fav.
(pics from laptop, sorry for bad quality :/)


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Natural Smokey, Pink Lip weekend.

I am off to dinner and bowling with my besties, hope you all have a fantastic weekend :)

Brown shadow(s)
liquid liner
Pink Lipstick

Improving on the basics? xoxo

Thursday, June 17, 2010


in love. In so many levels.

Two in one night, I'm on a role...
Or maybe just bored?



...to the days of yesteryear, where the worries were small and days were longer.

Winter: the season for family and friends. Oh and food.

Fall: the season for make believe. 70s&80s.

End of summer: country in the middle of nowhere.

Spring: drinks and florals.

Summer: my culture, my roots.

2009: my year for bicycles.

Fall: the time of letting go, dorm room included.

Spring: cake and friends by the pool.

Winter: Capital, 2am, formal wear, Hilton, memories.

End of winter: the beginning of changes...

-I take pictures of everything, I have a bad memory.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Change #1

Variation in makeup! My routine usually consists of concealer, light powder, mascara, illuminating eyeshadow, chap stick and natural lipstick. I want to do more with my face hehe. Suggestions?

Kim Kardashian Pictures, Images and Photos
bronze tones and intense eyelashes, loveee

Jessica Alba Pictures, Images and Photos

scarlett johansson Pictures, Images and Photos


Jennifer Lopez Pictures, Images and Photos

hilary duff Pictures, Images and Photos

-Target and MAC, here I come :)

*all images from yahoo :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Final madness.

Late nights, early morning, Redbull, coffee, sleepiness, and stress has started to consume my life...well more than usual. I sit here after a couple of hours of studying Chemistry and after one of the last dinners I'll have with my roommates. We went to this very famous sea food place, that is over priced in my opinion, and waited a little less than an hour to get our food. It was a little annoying but worth the bonding time hehe. I have my final at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon and I still do not feel prepared. This is my break because this is going to be a longggggg night.

5 more days until summer break!!

Now off topic, I REALLY want to go check out the new MAC "To the Beach" collection! I know I will not get to a Macys until after finals ugh :/ Another thing to look forward to after this dreadful week!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I am back in school (for 9 more days and then summer break!!) and I am forcing myself to start studying :/ This weekend was very productive in the social department, but academics were greatly ignored oops. Anyway, I really want to go watch the new Ashton Kutcher movie! I have loved him since 8th grade...look at him:

ashton, Pictures, Images and Photos

he's stunning!

And let's not forget my other love, Jake:
Jarhead Pictures, Images and Photos

Fashion/make up stuff will back in a couple of weeks, I never have time in the midst of exams! boo.