Sunday, October 24, 2010

October Love.

Okay, so after 2 longgggg months of stuff going on, I FINALLY had a weekend to just relax and do...well...nothing hehe. Lets start with late September: I moved back to school after a fun filled summer. I did almost everything that I had planned, minus a thing or two. My last two weeks were very stressful though, my loving mama was sick and I felt helpless, but I was very very glad that I was able to be there for her through the worst! Everything is looking up with her, Thank God. I came back to school and right away was thrown into 3rd year madness. Every weekend before this one was filled with back to school parties, events, reunions, exams, late nights, and fun hehe. I loved every second of it but I was finally glad to have a chill weekend to watch movies and catch up on sleep.

The best weekend by far was the weekend of my birthday. About 6 of my very close friends from back home visited and we had 3 amazing days of food, laughter, and dancing. I appreciate them so much for that.

Halloween is fast approaching and I'm planning on leaving all the fun parties behind and spending time with my family back home. I know, boring boring...that's what my friends tell me hehe but I want to go home. I feel like the older I get, the more I look for excuses to go home. I'm excited though, I did the whole Halloween thing last year, I got it out of my system and this year I'm looking forward to going trick or treating with the small ones and staying home to watch scary movies while I 1. eat home cooked food 2. study for exams (How lame huh, grr).

ANYWAY, I have been keeping up with fall fashion stuff but I have not had anytime to go shopping, or money lol. I have picked up a couple of dressy tops in fall colors along with flats hehe. Honestly though, I'm not the biggest season follower, I wear what I want and like. I do go by color schemes sometimes but I don't make it my mission. The things I look forward to getting this weekend when I go home are:
-Cozy sweaters! It finally started looking like fall where I live so I'm in need.
-Cute Sneakers
-The Naked Palette, grr I still can't find it :/

Here's a couple of looks I've been loving/imitating for school or night time:

Whitney Port Pictures, Images and Photos

Whitney Port Bangles Pictures, Images and Photos
-Whitney's natural look is sooo beautiful, it looks flawless and effort two favs!

rachel zoe marie claire photoshoot Pictures, Images and Photos

Anne Hathaway Pictures, Images and Photos

katy perry Pictures, Images and Photos

kate moss Pictures, Images and Photos
*all pics off

Hope my return isn't too far in the future, I enjoy spilling my thoughts via keyboards :)


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